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Welcome to Edos! Edos is the colloquial name for a place and time that constitutes an alternate history for Earth. Edos, an ancient language word for Earth, takes place roughly at about 25,000 BCE. The idea behind it is a low fantasy, gritty, and realistic setting with a few of the trademarks of fantasy thrown in. What happened to create the rise of such early and advanced civilizations and what caused their downfall and utter obliteration? Within this primer, you will learn all you need to know.

Ancient History
Now this section refers to ancient in relation to the time of Edos, not to the modern world. Starting roughly 10,000 years ago, civilization began to rise as mankind found its place in the world. No one knows for certain what cosmic event caused the spawn of mankind, be it intelligent design or a more natural form of evolution. The addition of magic as a then known quantity leads one to believe that deities were involved in the creation of the world. Many myths and religions sprung up to try to explain this phenomenon and it was only later that the Prophet Ymrae created the universal religion.

Before the rise of the Picts, the land was covered in hundreds of different and advanced realms, all of which fell hundreds or thousands of years before the current Edos timeline. The major empires known now in any form were that of the Aerolian Dynasty, the Calliac Empire, and the Dreiac Empire.

The Aerolian Dynasty was that of a feudal land in which kings ruled with iron fists and the many serfs toiled their lives away, while meanwhile to the south the Calliac and Dreiac Empires built magnificent monuments and sculptures while developing their philosophies of religion and politics to benefit every man. The Calliac Empire specifically was also known for its advanced technology, the few ruins found currently have been wellsprings of knowledge and technology.

The descendants of the Aerolian Dynasty founded Anos, while the Calliacs came to be the Culann and Conroicht. Finally the Dreiac merged with southern nomads to be the Remur and Ramir people. Most of this knowledge is lost as all records and traces of all of the original nations was destroyed with the rise of the Picts 5,000 years ago.

From the south rose the Pictish threat, a tribal people lead by enigmatic rulers or seemingly no rule at all who worshipped strange gods and conquered with brute force and numbers all the realms of Edos. Only the strongest survived and have been pushed and cornered in the most western lands.
Recent History*
The last five hundred years have been the most combative and productive years for the entire Age of Edos. While much has been lost, it has been the last five hundred years that the last strongholds of civilization have held out and adapted to take on the Pictish threat. The beginning of this period is noted by a man known as the Prophet Ymrae who rose from humble roots and eventually united all religions and philosophies into a single universal belief system which combined many of the gods and religions already practiced and somewhat united the many peoples and brought peace for a time.

However with the constant threat of barbarian invasion, political tempers have flared recently. Wars and rebellions spring up like spring daisies as leaders forget the true threat to their lands and turn on their neighbors.

A marked increase in Pictish activity along with new Pictish power is evident along the wild borders. A group dubbed by scholars as the Rae-Picts has risen in the north and are marked practitioners of the old ways of magic, an art almost lost amongst the bastions of civilized men.

War has broken out between the Odruns and Anos, while a recent rebellion by the Conroicht against the Culann has finally ceased, creating an uneasy peace between the Culann and their previously ruled subjects.

The Peoples of Edos
The Anos are a shrewd people who live on the most northern reaches of civilization. They are the most advanced with even the invention of gunpowder. Their politics are complicated and their merchants clever. While their army may not be strong in numbers, it is strong in tactics and the use of siege engines. They are regarded as the most civilized people, though there are a group of nomadic Anos living in the northern reaches that have yet to truly be changed by their society. The people there are fair haired and skinned, though they vary widely.

The Conroicht (sometimes referred to as the Clans Conroicht, which is a misnomer) are a wild and clannish people known for their ideology and worship of their totem animals. They fully embrace the Ymraen Teachings more than any other people and follow them very strictly. In times passed there were ten tribes total, but now it is only that of the Raven, Bear and Wolf who remain. Being ruddy in complexion and with typically dark hair they cast a striking figure.

The Culann (otherwise known as the Kings Culann) are feudal grouping of lands ruled under three kings. They are a people known for their art and writings, though not known for their technological abilities. With a strong military force, they are rarely bothered and are often busy with fighting off the Pictish incursion. In appearance they are identical to the Conroicht.

The Lochlannach are a seafaring folk known for their solemnity and craftsmanship. Now being reclusive on their nation of islands, they are hardly heard from but by their neighbors the Anos who they have trading agreements with. They are the fairest of races and the tallest, with wide shoulders and slender waists.

The Odruns are a somewhat tribal people who are ruled often by numerous warlords. They are known for their horsemanship and take pride in their ancestry and the ancestry of their horses. For reasons known only to them, they have proclaimed war against the Anos, their neighbors to the north. Being people of dark hair and ruddy skin, they resemble the Conroicht to an extent, but are set apart by the absence of any facial hair.

The Ramir are known very well but to their mainland kin, the Remur. They live on a single large island in the Gulf of Ram and are a mysterious people. Being known to some as strange sorcerers and hunters, they live simple lives on their island. They are a dark skinned people, one of the few left which causes much suspicion by the other peoples.

The Remur are a group of two distinct people who live under the same rule in the same empire. The North Remur are men of a tanner complexion than most who care more about affairs of statecraft and military movements than that of the common men. To the south the South Remur are slightly darker men who care more for the lives of merchants and herdsmen, who tend to great flocks of sheep and camels on the steppes and in the deserts of the south.

The Language Barrier
Much like our world, the peoples of Edos are often divided or united by language. Each people (with the exception of the Culann and Conroicht) have their own language that is unique to them. The Anosian tongue comes from the Aerol language group and is the last surviving language of that group, while Ceriac (Culann and Conroicht) and Gillia (Picts) come from a common language group of Calliac. To the south, Ramish and Remulic come from the Dreiac language group.

There are however two trade languages that are used in many lands. Ceriac is used throughout the North by the Anos and Lochlannach, as the Culann used to spread far and wide and were once the rulers of most of Anos. In the south, Remulic is the chosen tongue of the traders there for it is the largest stretching empire in that part of the world.



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