Names and Languages

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Notes on the Languages of Edos:

There are 4 main language groups that have now evolved into smaller languages.

The first is Aerol which was the master language for a time as Latin was to Europe. Aerol is a very beautiful a stylized group, now only used in the language of Anosian. This language uses letter groups such as “ae” “au” and favors vowels. N, R, L and S are favored consonants.

The second is Calliac which now has branched off into the languages of Ceriac (Culann and Conroicht) and Gillia (Picts). The language feels similar to gaelic and gaulish and in fact is based off of them, several of the words borrowed. This language contains a heavy use of C’s and CH’s.

The third is Dreiac which has formed the languages of Ramish and Remulic. This language favors hard sounds such as D’s and G’s.

Finally is the long lost language of Rigothira. This language is said to be similar to that of the gods and thus has minor arcane power. It favors R’s and long lettered words.

Gillia Sentence Structure:
Action subject descriptive
Running dog fast

Gillia Sample:
Ryypsetsia chuliach ertregaja korlangia vrech im lauchua.
Tracking hunter very well at night.
The hunter tracks very well at night.

Anosian Sentence Structure:
Subject Descriptive Action.
The dog fast running.

Anosian Sample:
Atragi seremo leaustus etri aeralosect norisalomi aunosalim.
Merchant calmly well sells silk colored beige.
The merchant sells beige colored silk calmly and well.

Ceriac Sentence Structure:
Same as english.

Work in progress.
Ceraic Dictionary:
Conroicht – Clan
Mraeg – Raven
Ulfas – Wolf
Duri – Bear
Culann – Kings
Lafaras – Picts
Craeg – War
Noch – Of
Raybernoch – Dawn
Hengeral – Chief/Leader
Lanna – Mountain
Crebum – Tree
Lannar – Hill
Rake – Lake
Rorium – River
Dorial – Spear
Uaite – Sword
Fryken – Dagger
Toriala – Bow
Rur – Son
Lur – Daughter
Lif – Mother
Rif – Father
Ful – Grandfather
Dul – Grandmother
Pitchen – Kill
Corenoch – Marry
Noctemony – Death
Ade – Love
Grot – Winter
Emb – Fall
Rea – Spring
Teba – Summer
Ul (prefix) – Cunning
ki (suffix) – Fast
Fren – Sky, of the sky
Kolo – Fear
Foneer – Now
Crenum – We are
Garic – Heart (related to courage)
Mada – Blood
Li – Captain, leader
ayn (suffix) – created in
Naenala – The Enchanting
Dayt – Joy
So – Cloud
Den – Hall
Sin – Flame
Connar – Archer
Bray – First
Laf – Snow
Semnar – Plains
Elrian – Meadow
Gracich – Underhanded
Dranum – Brown
lman (suffix) – Of the spirit
Mundin – Silent One
Har – Light
Rah – Shining
Brigum – One
Rigum – Two
Rayl – Three
Fram – Four
Dram – Five
Elp – Six
Vort – Seven
Ram – Eight
Frigs – Nine
Graeb – Zero
Nerum – Shed
Cal – Good

Gillia Dictionary:
Hengarar – Blood
Yokua – Charge
Omkua – Fire
Mannareala – Kill
Okalaria – Them
Yokutay – Go/Do it

Naming Conventions:
Conroicht names are usually one word.
Culann names are usually an adjective and a noun and a surname.
Lochlannach names are a special name word and then heredity. (Rollo Grimmson, Skelda Wransdottir)
Remur names are a word taken from another language and a surname.
Ramish names are a special name word.
Odrun names vary greatly.
Pictish naming conventions are unknown.

Names and Languages

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