Game Play

This is a super crash course on the basics. The GM will explain any further details as they come up.

Rolling: For every roll you roll 1d10. To succeed, you must roll within your skill or ability range. If Rollo is trying to perform a Seduce roll and has a Seduce of 2, then he has to roll a 1 or a 2.

Combat: Initiative is determined by the GM as the story and starting interaction permit. Once it is your turn you may move and attack or substitute the attack with an Action. Basic attacking works with an attack roll from the attacking character and an Attack roll from the defending character. If the attacker succeeds and the defender fails, the attacker hits, if they both succeed or both fail then nothing happens, if the attacker fails but the defender succeeds, the defender hits the attacker.

Damage is determined by the attack roll and your Might. If you rolled a five on an attack roll and succeeded while the defender failed, and you have a 5 might, then you do ten damage. Ar (Armor) subtracts directly from the damage and the rest is dealt to HP.

Combat Actions:
Trick – Agility check – Lets you attack then reroll if you miss. If you fail, lose your turn.
Charge – +2 Attack and Damage, cannot block or counter when you charge.
Dodge – Agility check. Forfiet attack to have your opponent automiss next time they attack.
Disarm – Opposed might checks.
Aim – Lose turn but get a +4 attack next round.
Tackle – Opposed might checks. Loser is prone.
Execute – +4 Attack and Damage, cannot counter or block for a full round.
Stun – Opposed might check. Stuns target for 2 rounds.
Improvised Weapon – -2 to attack and damage.
Taunt – Opposed Morale checks. Loser attacks winner.
Fervor – Every time you get hit you get a +1 to damage but a -1 to attack
Wild Attack – See charge but halve the bonuses.
Sweep – -2 Attack for every enemy you attempt to sweep.
Rapid Fire – See Sweep
Throw – Perform normal attack with -2 attack.
Dual Wield – -1 Attack for each hand.

Spellcasting: Very few individuals in Edos can perform any kind of magic. While it is not a system-related trait, to perform any kind of spell casting the character must have some kind of teaching in his or her background. Characters can also gain teaching (even from other characters) as the game progresses.

To cast a spell, you must first succeed an Arcanus check. Then you can perform whatever you wish based on the cost of the effect and your spell points.
Damage 1 pointer per point of damage.
Healing 1 point per point of healing.
Ranged effect, 1 point per meter.
Area of Effect, 1 point per meter diameter.
Multitarget, 2 points per target.
Visual effect, 1-10 scale
Audio Effect, 1-10 Scale
Mind Control, 10 points
Mind Reading, 5 points.
Telepathy, 5 Points
Special damage type, 3 points per point of damage.
Necromancy, 1-10 Scale
Levitate Item, 1-10 Scale
Levitate Person, 20 points per minute.
Conjure, 1-10 scale
Trigger, 1-10 Scale

(The “scale” is based on GM and player discretion.)

Game Play

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