Bought With Blood

Having been either captured or bought by an Ordrun Warlord, you must either face your imminent death or some how escape. The struggle will not end should you escape, however. There lie leagues of open terrain between you and the nearest border, and then what then?

This campaign will be run over IRC using the Edos Setting and System, designed by yours truly (Cody/Adiutrix/GM/Sexmaster9000). It is a low fantasy, gritty setting that is sort of a mix of Tolkien, Conan, Lovecraft, Steampunk, and real world history.

The setting itself is a rule light, simplified d% system that encourages role playing and in depth character creation as opposed to mindless combat.

The campaign itself will be very open world and sandboxy, centered around hardships, and inter-party relationships.

Bought With Blood

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